Pentagon Virus_Slayer Viruses 1-2a:

        Kickstart 3.0   : yes
        Clones          : @{"Dynamix Viruskiller" link "Dynamix" 0}
        Changed vectors : Kicktag, Kickchecksum, DOIO und Coolcapture

        This bootblock pretend to be a viruskiller for several viruses
        like the old Northstar and Byte Bandit viruses.

        It will copy its code to $7fb00 (direct without allocating it)
        and tests its existence in memory only by checking a longword
        at $7fbXX.

        If a bootblock access was detected, it will search for some
        longwords (very unsecure) and if a virus was found, it will
        be tried to overwrite the bootblock with the own code.

        No tricky stuff, no crapted routine. A "virus" from the old

        Test by Markus Schmall

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