Promoter 1 Virus:

        Filelength 1848 Bytes (unpacked)

        This one seems to be a little trojan, which tries to copy itself
        from disc to disc using the disc-validator. It will be tried to
        write a new file called "df0:l/disc-validator". The virus contains
        no real destructive routine and is only interesting for KS <2.04.
        The virus contains a little intuition routine to display some
        texts. This routine is buggy, because a cachefault will be made.
        Pure code from a beginner.

        You can read the following texts in the virus:

        'Learn from the great master about the my'steries of BCPL'
        '           I am the Kickstart 2.0 - PROMOTER - Virus'
        '              Please stop using Kickstart 1.2/1.3'
        '              and I will stop bothering you'
        '  This masterpiece of brilliant software was designed by'
        ' the marvellous VaginaMan, always deep inside the mysteries'
        '          sponsored by Commodore Australia for remembering'
        '              you to switch over to Kickstart 2.0 !!'
        ' This is PROMOTER 1, coming soon PROMOTER 2,  which won't be such
        ' nice as Number 1'
        '   So this is your last chance to switch'
        '  to Kickstart 2.0 with all',0
        ' your data, because Number 2 will be very'
        ' destructive and infectious,',0
        '  of course only for Kickstart 1.2/1.3-Users, because our motto is'
        '                         PROMOTE AMIGA',0
        '                     PROMOTE Kickstart 2.0'
        '                          PROMOTE AMIGA'

      Test by Markus Schmall                  Detection tested 18.2.1995.

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