Purge Installer + Purge Virus:

        Purge Installer: length  9812 (imploded)
                                14862 (unpacked)

        Purge Virus:     length  5300 (imploded)
                                14776 (unpacked)

        (VirusWorkshop recognizes all the files)

        This is a simple trojan with manipulates all .info files on
        the started device. The virus installs it`s code on every
        reachable device and changes the sequences, so if you have
        found this virus, then check your User-Startup, Startup-
        Sequence (the added string will be mentioned later).

        If the virus installed itself completly, the later mentioned
        text will appear. The virus itself is very lame coded/optimized
        and was probably written in AMIGA-E.

        All manipulated/new created files:

        ' HD0:S/User-Startup',0

        Name/Size of the new opened window:

        'con:70/64/500/128/ Antipirat/NOSIZE/NODRAG/NODEPTH'

        Text written in this window:
        "Friend of Terminator is there !!!"
        " Power of Destroying !!!"
        " My ultimate answer against all the fucking"
        " softwarepirats !"
        " Hi Anatol,Cycledom,Primitive,Björn,Dead Homer, Brian, "
        "    Gigant,Termination 8,Hardball & Slimeck"
        " Worked on all available devices...!"
        " Ready..."

        The following files will be manipulated on the devices:


        The following string will be added to the sequences:

        'Run >NIL: Purge'

        Text at the end of the installer:


        Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested 19.09.1994.

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