- ReOrgIt-Troj.    (destruction)

        Archive name: REORGIT.LHA    L: 52279 bytes
        File name:   ReOrgIt.exe    L: 60732 bytes
        Found at (now deleted) : Aminet/util/wb
        A AMOS program
        You can read in the file:
          68652e2e 2e000002 733a0010 73746172 he......s:..star
          7475702d 73657175 656e6365 000c5573 tup-sequence..Us
          65722d73 74617274 75700003 2a2e2a00 er-startup..*.*.
          000c4e6f 77207265 6f726769 6e670008 ..Now reorging..
          4861636b 46696c65 001a4841 48414841 HackFile..HAHAHA
          2c20796f 75722048 44206973 20737475 , your HD is stu
          66666564 00125375 636b6564 20696e20 ffed..Sucked in
          61727365 686f6c65 00124561 74207368 arsehole..Eat sh
          69742064 69636b20 68656164 000e5072 it dick head..Pr
          65706172 6520746f 20444945 000b416c epare to DIE..Al
          6c20446f 6e652e2e 2e000000          l Done......
        Deletes s:startup-sequence and s:User-startup
        Is supposed to delete: s:*.* (not on my system)
        VT offers deletion.

   Translated to English by Thomas Steffens  2001 VHT-Denmark
   Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

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