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 ScareCrow 2 Trojan 
 Hi All....

 There is a new trojan out.  The trojan in  inside a Fake Ibrowse v2.0 If you
 run Ibrowse a picture will be shown  with a face, and a text that is telling
 you that ScareCrow has done damage to your system. When I tested the archive
 on my test  system (68000), everything it did was to replace my userstart-up
 and startup-sequence, with a text file. If it does damage to other systems
 I don't know at the moment, but it will be testet very soon.

 Here is text:

 ------------------------------- START LETTER -------------------------------


 Since i now have your undevided attention while you are trying to save
 what is left of your hard-disk i might as well begin.
 Your first question will be why? The why is becose i am playing a fair
 game with someone for some time now, his name is Jan Hendrik Lots of
 Virus Help team NL. He and his little buddies of AGA tryed to catch me
 last year with no succes, but what would you expect if you relay on their
 help lead by a clowns character calling himself KleinDuimpje. Yes,
 KleinDuimpje, you better start up that board again becose we havnt finished
 yet. Hunting season is open again fans, and these trojans i have been
 spreading are just mearly the beginning of it. i would also like to invite
 some of the people i admire: Nr. 1 is L.I.S.A. (lamers in serious agony)
 They did a great job, and they inspired me. Nr. 2 is C.O.P. (faust, circle
 of power) Damn, i loved that Tetris attack! Nr. 3 is smooth criminal aldo
 the boy has no taste, im inviting him to this party. What have i cooked up?
 i am planning to make a competition out of this, who ever wants to compete
 is invited. Who can make the most trojans and virusses, who can put down the
 most boards. Who can make the most hits and i am listing them all. The list
 will be released in a trojan by the end of each month. time to play.

 ---------------------------------- END LETTER -------------------------------

 I guess that Jan Hendrik Lots must know something about this guy, I'll get
 in contact with Jan Hendrik Lots and have a talk with him.

 Well...... But everybody should think before installing programs like this
 one. A new update of Ibrowse ?????. version 2.0 ?????. Don't install these
 programs that  you are not 100% sure that is okay. If you want to, try and
 install the programs like this on on floppy disks,  it takes a bit longer,
 but it might save your system........

 Here is some info about this trojan & archive:

 Archive name.....: DCN-IB2.LHA or DCN-IB2.LZX
 Archive size.....: 595211 bytes (ripped for BBS adds)
 Trojan name......: Ibrowse
 Trojan size......: 327848 bytes Unpacked.
 File-Id.Diz......:       /\             _         _
                      ___/  \___________(_)_______(_)__________
                     / ________  /  ___/ \  _____/ ____  ____  \
                    /  /  /  ___/  /  /  /\__  \/  /  /  /  /  /
                    \____/\___________ __________ /\____/\_/\_/|
                    .--aMiGA iLLEGAl--\/--------\/Rr!----------.
                    |        IBrowse 2.00 FINAL 68030+         |

 -------------Test of ScareCrow 2 Trojan by Heiner Scheeegold ---------------   

- SCARECROW-2 Trojan destruction

      Well-known file name: ibrowse2
      Name justification: see below
      File length: # 327,848 bytes
      Not reset-proof
      No bent vectors
      An AMOS program
      According to FileID: IBrowse 2.00 FINAL 68030+

      The file reads:
                   000b5261 6d3a5072 6f746563 ..Ram: Protec
          7400000b 52616d3a 4b696c6c 52444200 t ... Ram: KillRDB.
          002d5241 4d3a5072 6f746563 74205359.-RAM: Protect SY
          533a532f 73746172 7475702d 73657175 S: S / startup-sequ
          656e6365 20464c41 47532052 57454400 ence FLAGS RWED.
          00295241 4d3a5072 6f746563 74205359.) RAM: Protect SY
          533a532f 75736572 2d737461 72747570 S: S / user-startup
          20464c41 47532052 57454400 00165359 FLAGS RWED ... SY
          533a532f 73746172 7475702d 73657175 S: S / startup-sequ
          656e6365 00125359 533a532f 75736572 ence..SYS: S / user
          2d737461 72747570 00215241 4d3a4b49 -startup.! RAM: KI
          4c4c5244 42207363 73692e64 65766963 LLRDB scsi.devic
          6520414c 4c20464f 52434500 00105255 e ALL FORCE ... RU
          4e203c4e 494c3a20 3e4e494c 3a200004 N  NIL: ..
          4e494c3a 00000000 NIL: ....

          An image is output, which also contains text:
          Some parts of the file are written after Ram :.
          - user startup and startup sequence is rewritten
          Length: # 1304 bytes
          then contains:
          Since i now have your undevided attention while you are trying to save
          what is left of your hard disk i might as well begin. etc....
       - killrdb is started and scsi.device is searched. If
         found, the rigid area is destroyed.
       VT only offers delete.
       The overwritten files cannot be saved. Place them
       better in S-Dir copies.

 -------------Test of ScareCrow 2 Trojan by Heiner Scheeegold -------------------

 __  ///       Jan Andersen
 \\\///       --------------


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