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     SMBX Mount Installer
     - SMBX-Mount Virus File Unpacked length: 65488 bytes
         NO bent vectors.

         Installed mount virus

         Name justification: in the file you can read:
               00000000 00001897 733a534d 42582d44 ........ s: SMBX-D
               4f532e63 66675573 6572203a 20526573 OS.cfgUser: Res
               6963652f 2f2f2f2f 202d444f 532d5368 ice ///// -DOS-Sh
               656c6c20 56202863 29313939 312f3932 ell V (c) 1991/92

         An attentive user found the part. Thank you !!!!!!
         It is a shell program that works with a mail
         box program should be included?
         The encoded mount virus part ranges from $ EC38 to $ F068
         File. The Shell program is a Gfa Basic
         Compilation and decoding takes place in the Gfa part.
         So in my opinion the programmer of the mount

         Virus part have the source code of the basic program.
         An expansion is not possible for the reasons mentioned above.
         Recommendation therefore: delete

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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