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    Smily Cancer II Virus

    - The Smily Cancer II   Filevirus  length: 4676  2x coded
          after 1x decoding with       eori.b #$90,d1
                                       subi.b #$22,d1
          at file-end:
          when starting the program the loadWB command is simulated and the
          virus copies  itself  to memory.  Spreading is done like Smily 1,
          that is: No spreading as Smily II! See Smily I
          Note 03.09.92:
          VT now  removes  several  SmileyLinks  in one  operation. If not,
          please get in touch.
          Note 16.04.93:
          a smily clone is found.
          Length: extends a file with 3916 bytes
          Almost all  infected files are not  executable. This  leads me to
          think that the addbuffers command was manipulated by hand.
          VT  shortens  the  files  to  their original length, and then the
          startup-sequence can be executed again.
          Difference  from  the original:  the jump-command to the decoding
          routine is changed.
          How to cope: see above.
          Note  12.06.93:
          More and more often there comes defective Smiley-files. VT should
          recognize a defect hunk-structure when trying to repair, and then
          offer to  delete.  Please don't forget to test the s-seq and - if
          needed - re-copy the original file.

    Translated text from VT-Knows by Heiner Schneegold
    Translated by Torben Danoe


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