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 Hi All....

 A new virus trojan has been found.  It is said to be a new update of the
 wellknown program  'CygnusEd v4.17". But if you start CED it will change
 the  size of your 'c:mount' command and  add 800 bytes, and make the new
 size 7388 bytes.

 Here is some info about the trojan/virus:

 ------------------------------- INFO START -----------------------------

 Archive name.....: HF-CD417.LHA
 Archive size.....: 306.382 bytes
 Trojan name......: STD Vaginitis 1 installer
 Trojan File......: CygnusED/CED
 Trojan Size......: 169.872 bytes
 Virus infect.....: c/mount (new size 7388 bytes)
 Virus size.......: 800 bytes

 Note from Heiner Schneegold:
     - STD-Vaginitis 1 Installer
       Filename: CED417 # 169,872 bytes
       Jumps from the beginning of the file into the link part
       Link part is coded with EOR
       Link part should be linked to c: mount (only to this file)
       Please delete the CED417 file
       Clean removal is NOT possible because the original
       was at the beginning of the file is unknown to me.
       For the rest, see STD-Vag1-Trojan
  ------------------------------- INFO END -------------------------------
 We hope to have a killer ready for this very soon.

 Thanks to iknow@, for sending archives and infected files.

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