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     STD Vaginitis 3 Trojan
     - STD Vag3 trojan
          Filename: rexxkuang11.library 0.27 L: # 26532 bytes
          Not reset-proof
          From KS2.04
          Bent vectors: NONE
          Multiplication: No.
       Decoded with EOR can be read in the Trojan part:
                    52554e20 3e4e494c 3a206e65 RUN> NIL: ne
           77736865 6c6c2074 63703a32 33333300 wshell tcp: 2333.
              ; ...
                             53544420 70726573 STD pres
           656e7473 20566167 696e6974 69732023 ent vaginitis #
           33202d2d 2d206469 6420796f 75206669 3 --- did you fi
           6e642031 20616e64 20322079 65743f00 nd 1 and 2 yet ?.
       Jumps into the Trojan part in the file with BRA
           - Is the DosBase probably getting out of a lib
           - Search TCP in DosList if no end
           - DosExecute run> NIL: .....
           - So it should probably be a third party access to the
             Computers are enabled
             Please delete the lib
             See also all other STD variants
             Thought: a newer Trojan variant (3) is attached to one
             older libversion (0.27) and vice versa ????

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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