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    - Strange Atmosphere Installer
        Str. Atmosphere Inst. 1
        db 3.03 Length: 76676 bytes
        The file reads:
           00006462 2076332e 303320a9 31393936 ..db v3.03 .1996
           20446176 69642045 6b686f6c 6d2c2044 David Ekholm, D
        I assume that it is this version 3.03 in the original
        not exist.

        Str. Atmosphere Inst. 2
        IconX Length: 6288 bytes
        The file reads:
           4e750024 5645523a 2069636f 6e782033 Nu.$VER: iconx 3
           392e3820 2832302e 312e3932 2900646f 9.8 (20.1.92).do
        I assume that it is this version 39.8 in the original
        not exist.
        VT offers extinguishing.
        Search for SnoopDos. (Task name is only put together in the code
        puts) . If found -> end.
        Str. Atmosphere Inst. 3
        Assign Length: 4488 bytes
        The file reads:
           45532f53 00245645 523a2061 73736967 ES/S.$VER: assig
           6e203337 2e352028 32302e35 2e393229 n 37.5 (20.5.92)
        I do not know this version number. You should this
        delete the assign file and reload an original.
        Since assign occurs in almost every startup sequence, this will
        Part started after each reset.

        Test made by Heiner Schneegold
        Translated to english bu Google Translate


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