Sumpf Gag Virus:

        Filelength: 952 bytes

        This is "only" a joke, which creates an alert with the following

                'Warnung !! Zuviele Befehle in den Menüs! '
                'Arbeitet da ein Hard-Virus ?! '
                '!Die Schwerkraft wird zu groß...'
                'Guru while meditating :     # 0894606021 - 08150074711 '
                '>Drücke einen Mausknopf, um den Virus zu'
                ' zerquetschen ! '

        After this a new $6c interrupt will be installed and some hard-
        wareregisters will be changed and tested. Nothing interesting,
        better play with your joysticks and nothing more.

        Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested 14.08.1994.

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