Susi_Drive_Stepper Trojan:

       Filelength:    904 bytes unpacked
       Programmed in: Assembly language
       Processors:    MC68000-MC68040(?)
                      On MC68060 it did not work
       Typ: Trojan

       This is a very easy programmed trojan. Via the use of
       Disk Resource it will be tried to access a device (0)
       and some IDs will be changed. The whole new "created"
       DiskResource struct is not correct and contains a lot
       of not understandable code. The trojan is not reset-
       proof, it just tries the above mentioned diskresource
       manipulation and some little hardwarehacks.The trojan
       selects unit 0 and steps with the head around. The
       direction will be changed at every loop and the head
       moves always one track. The timing is so bad managed,
       that the controller gets irritated and quits work

       The name of the new created port is "susi". You can
       see at the end of the file some names, but nothing
       more. All in all a simple trojan.

       0260: 00000000 00000000 00006469 736B2E72    ..........disk.r
       0270: 65736F75 72636500 73757369 00616E64    esource.susi.and
       0280: 72656100 76616C65 6E74696E 6100696E
       0290: 67726964 00636872 69730000 0A000120    grid.chris.....

       It was tried to damage a disc using this trojan, but we
       didn`t succeed.

       Test by Markus Schmall

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