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    - TAI10-Inst. BB-Installer length virus part: 1336 bytes
       The virus section reads:
            2eff2127 54414920 3130002d 1c535553 ..!'TAI 10.-.SUS
       Uses absolute memory addresses, which are not in every Amiga
       available. I have on EVERY machine that I have the part on
       could try, only seen the GURU. If anyone more
       "Lucky", I ask for a message. Thanks

       The part should be recognized by the file and VT should
       Offer. The part is to install a TAI10-CLONK.BB (see below).

       Note 01/21/94: There is a similar link to a file
       dives. Should install VirusSlayer. Also called TAI10-
       Institution detected. Since the routine is the same, a program
       that does this work exist ??????

       Test made by : Heiner Schneegold
       Translated to english by Google Translate


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