Telecom Virus:

        This virus works like the old Jeff viruses. It adds a "$a00a"string
        at first position in the  startup-sequence and writes  itself  with 
        the name "$a0" in the rootdir. The file is only 756 bytes long (un-

        This virus uses direct  memoryadresses and expects  RANGER RAM  and
        Kickstart 1.3. 

        Some resourced parts of the virus:

        MOVE.L        #$00C71082,$002E(A6)
        MOVE.L        #$00C710B0,$00C00218.L
        MOVE.L        #$00C710CA,$00C000B0.L
        MOVE.L        #$00C71126,$00C03C5A.L
        MOVE.L        #$00FC0AFC,$00C00218.L

        Test by Markus Schmall         Detection tested on 17.01.1993.

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