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    T.F.C. Revenge LoadWb 1.3
    T.F.C. Revenge LoadWb 1.3 = KAKO Loadwb Virus:

    Filelength (unpacked): 2804

    This is a patched loadwb command, which installs an Extreme
    Clone BB in memory. The Kako LoadWB is only a simple editor
    clone. It should work on all systems.

    The following texts can be found in the T.F.C. Revenge LoadWb:

    `T.F.C. Revenge LoadWB ...  by The Fanatic Crew ...`
    ` Don't try to check this out ... coz we've got the power ...` ,
    `The Fanatic Crew

    proudly presents T.F.C. Revenge Virus V1.03
    `Swapping disk for disk ... is always a great risk ...so better `
    `use a condom next time ...signed The Fanatic Crew, 06.06.1991`
    `We've got the power ...dos.library intuition.library`

    The KakO LoadWb contains only different the string "KAKO LoadWB".
    A work of a real "hero". Stop this and play with your joystick...

    Test by Markus Schmall....


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