Bad Bytes inc 2 Bootblockvirus:

        A Lame Game clone (what a hard work: Stop doing this and
        produce instead USEFULL utilities and programms, which make
        the AMIGA more powerfull!). Only the texts have been

        To produce viruses is never a good thing.

                'Software Failure - We hate you! You are g'
                'oing to DIE!',0
                'Anti-Harald Paulsen and Twins virus done '
                'by TTS and Nighthawk  of BadBytesInc., U'
                'FO and Zax of Hollywood Team! Stay cool,'
                ' be nofool - coz',27,' the DataKuKluxKlan is '
                'getting bigger! TTS signing...'

        Test by Markus Schmall

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