Translated text from VT-Knows by Heiner Schneegold

     - TimeBomber    Trojan horse
           made using the program TimeBomber
           consists of 2 parts in RootDir:
           virustest         = Virus   length: 936 Bytes
     = counter (Start value=5)  length: 1 Byte
           in 1st line of startup: virustest
           not resident, no copy routine in virustest
           Features: decreases counter in with 1 at
           every start.
           As soon as 0 is reached, the disk gets formatted.
           To change the value in, the disk must be
           write enabled.
           If it is, the message appears:
              User Request : Please remove write Protection and press
                             left Mouse Button to continue..
           Further use of startup-sequence without write enabling the disk
           is impossible.
           in CLI always :

      Translated by Torben Danoe

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