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    Timer_Virus with installer:
    The  installer is 4812 bytes long and writes a new "setmap" command
    to  disk.   This command is 1712 bytes long and contains a original
    "Setmap" command and the real virus.  The installer "seems" to be a
    simple clock with a display of free chip/fast ram.

    The  written  "Setmap" command installs an $74 interrupt, opens the
    ConsoleDevice  and  search for a task called "ramdrive.device".  If
    this  task  is  aktive,  all  actions  will  be skipped.  If know a
    special  byterow  is  transmitted  to  a BBS, on which the virus is
    active,  the  user  can use all avaible shell commands and can hack
    the  BBS!   The  sysop  does  not the the actions of the user.  His
    keyboard is disabled.

    For  gods sake this virus is really lame coded.BUT In my opinion it
    is the best hacking programm at the moment!  Be careful!

    Works with Kickstart 3.0 and MC68040.

                          Detection and termination tested on 2.10.1992

    Test by Markus Schmall


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