VirusHunter 3.2 Gagvirus Fake:

        Length: 4528

        This programm claims to be a viruschecker. It checks your
        memory and says always that it found a Lamer9 and simulates
        a Reset. It`s relly lame because on a A4000 with Kick3.1
        the "hand" from Kickstart 1.x comes back. I don`t like
        such jokes and therefor VirusWorkshop offers you to kill
        this programm.

        This text you can see at the bottom of the file:

        'Welcome to Hardware-Virus-Hunter'
        'Version 10.20 on 21.07.92 by Tobias Eckert'
        'This program is ShareWare. If you like it,'
        'please send me : 20,00'
        'Self-Checking for Virus-Infektion ... '
        'Virus-Checker is healthy'
        'Checking Batterie backed up clock ... '
        'Your clock is healthy'
        'Checking Monitor ... '
        'Your Monitor is healthy'
        'Checking Rom-Vektors '
        'Rom is infected!!!'
        'Scanning type of Virus ... '
        'Found Lamer9-Exterminator-Virus'
        'Checking for damage ... '
        'Agnus Sound-Registers are destroyed'
        'You have to replace your Agnus!!!'
        'Please check doc-file for adress of your '
        'local dealer.'
        'Rom-Virus-Killing in progress...'
        'Delete Kick-Rom ... '
        'Rebooting Kickstart...'

                                        Detection tested on 29.12.1993.
        Test by Markus Schmall

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