Virus Mem Kill 3.00 Trojan horse:

        Archivname  : vmk30.lha
        Filename    : vmk
        Filelength  : 2620 bytes (unpacked)
        File_ID.DiZ : VirusMemKill 3.00

        This is a fucking HD formatter and nothing else.

        The programm will open scsi.device at unit 0 and
        loads the RDB. It will add 1 to the third longwort
        and decrease the offset $2b of the RDB. If this value
        reaches 0, the first 100kb from your HD ,starting with
        the RDB, will be formatted using memory from adress 0.
        No rescue for the DATA is possible. Sorry. Try to restore
        the RDB and to rescue as much files as possible
        (best with DiskSalv 11.xx). The first 100 KB are lost and
        the partition datas, too. Try your harddisc software and
        restore the partition datas.

        The offset $2b in the RDB describes some of the hardware-
        abilities of the harddisc.

        The archive appeared 03.09.1994. on german and american
        mailboxsystems and on 05.09.1994. it was on nearly every
        better BBS. We published a Z-Netz warning and an ordinary
        warning text on 04.09.1994. to warn the people.

        Test by Markus Schmall      Detection tested on 05.09.1994.

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