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     - WECH-LVirus file link and destruction
             File extension: 952 bytes
             Bent vector: LoadSeg   
             LastAlert is also changed
             Resetfest: No.
             Link behind the first hunk.
             VT tries to reset Loadseg in memory.
             VT tries to remove the link part from a file.

       Memory anchoring:
             - LastAlert changed to 00FFFFFF, 01FFFFFF, 02FFFFFF etc.
             - LoadSeg is bent

       Destruction (on purpose):
             Once LastAlert and $ DFF006 have a certain value
             the beginning of the file overwritten.
              00: 57454348 57454348 57454348 57454348 CHANGEOVER
              10: 57454348 57454348 57454348 57454348 CHANGEOVER
              20: 57454348 57454348 57454348 00040000 EXCHANGE ...
             These files cannot be saved.
       Propagation conditions:
             - File is not yet contaminated (test with SetComment)
             - Filename does not contain "-", ". L"
             - File executable (3F3)
             - 3E9 hunk is found
             - Installation variants of the jump in the link part:
               - RTS at the hunk end should become NOP (NEVER successful in the test)
               - RTS 0000 at the Hunkend becomes NOPNOP
               - RTS not exactly at the hunk end becomes Bra.s
               - 4EAEwxyz in hunk becomes 4EBA virus
                 The part does not respond.

             - A syquest was unusable after 15 minutes.
             - Files were created WITHOUT jump jumps
             - Files with defective files were created during the intended link process
               Link part.
             - No test on KS1.3 (LoadSeg)
             - Uses odd addresses
             - Probably confuses $ 80 (FIBlock) with $ 7c (FIBlock)
               Total guess: Beginners ?????

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate

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