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     Wireface Alfons Eberg 2 Trojan
     Wireface Trojan Type C:

            Another possible name: Alfons-Eberg-2.0-Trojan see in Dump
            Destruction HD0: successful with 68040.
       Known file names:
          - VirusChecker V6.60 length: 52,400 bytes
          - HDToolBox V40.9 length: 106508 bytes
          - LZX1.20 Turbo length: 83,660 bytes
       VT only offers delete because the programs in DER version
        number in July 95 does NOT exist.
        The 4EB9 method was used. In addition, the HDTOOL
        Box file a 3E8- * art hunk linked in front of it.
       Affected media should now be:
           BBS, DH0, DH1, DH2, DH3, DH4, DH5, D0H0, SYS and NCOMM
           CP17 length: 97 bytes
           414c464f 4e5320c5 42455247 20566952 ALFONS .BERG ViR
           55532076 322e3020 df657461 20627920 US v2.0 .eta by
           57695245 46414345 202f2064 454d4f4e WiREFACE / dEMON
           53206f46 20744845 2070454e 54414752 S oF tHE pENTAGR
           414d2c20 64656469 63617465 6420746f AM, dedicated to
           2028436f 726e2946 6c616b65 2f545253 (Corn) Flake / TRS
           49 I
        The length of the filler files changes (e.g. harharhar 100000).
        They then contain the text (see above) and garbage.
        So if you don't react very quickly, even with disk
        salv nothing more to save.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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