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  Comkill 1.6 trojan (WireFace)

  Comkill1.6 trojan (WireFire)

  Filelength: 4606 bytes
  Linking type: 4eb9

  This is said to be a new release of the Commander viruskiller Comkill by
  SHI. In reality this is somekind of BBS hacker for the wellknown AMiExpress
  mailbox system. It will be tried to copy the to the download
  areas to gain access to the system. Nothing special, this technics are
  known now for years.

  Visible texts in the file:


  The user data will be made avaible under the name pst-for.txt in the user-
  areas. WireFace trojans are known, WireFire is probably somekind of

  Test by Markus Schmall                       Detection tested 5.8.1995.


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