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 Zakahackand Patch Trojan

 Hi All....                                             9 April 2001

 Four new 'TCP' trojans was found today on Aminet.  If you installed 
 one of these archives,  please delete the files.  We hope to have a
 cure for these trojan within the next 24 hours.
 The TCP trojan will send an email to 'Haage & Partner', with a very
 stupid text.

 Here is what we know so far:

 Virus Type.... : TCP Trojan
 Trojan name....: zakahackandpatch

 Archive name.. : Safe.lha             Archive size.. : About 20 kb
 Archive name.. : Fblit.lha            Archive size.. : 142.086 bytes
 Archive name.. : BlazeWCP.lha         Archive size.. :  32.862 bytes
 Archive name.. : stackattack.lha      Archive size.. : About 32 kb

 Thanx to Frank Niewiedzial, Kev Harrison, Luca Longone and many more
 for your information about these archives.....

      __          Jan Andersen
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