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     - Zakapior Trojan
           Known file names: were briefly in the Aminet
                cmq060 v1.5 1104 bytes
                cmq060move16 1080 bytes
                fastiprefs v40.37 17428 bytes
                poolmem v1.45 7672 bytes
           Name: after process
             No increase
           Recommendation: delete the file and reload the clean file.
             All files are again "clean" in Aminet (status: Aug.99)
           Process: A new process = zakapior. Emails should
              be sent.
           Decoded with EOR.w can be read in the files:
             62736473 6f636b65 742e6c69 62726172 bsdsocket.librar
             79001002 0019c38f 38460000 00000000 y ....... 8F ......
             00010000 001e4845 4c4f0a00 4d41494c ...... HELO..MAIL
             2046524f 4d3a203c 583e0a00 52435054 FROM: < X > ..RCPT
             20544f3a 203c7072 65736964 656e7440 TO: < president @
             616d6967 612e636f 6d3e0a00 44415441 > .. DATA
             0a004672 6f6d3a20 416d6967 61204c6f ..From: Amiga Lo
             76657220 3c3e0a00 5375626a 6563743a ver <> .. Subject:
             2046494c 54485920 43554e54 210a0a00 FILTHY CUNT! ...
             4655434b 2055204e 415a4920 43554e54 FUCK U NAZI CUNT
             202d2044 49452041 4e442042 55524e20 - THE AND BURN
             494e2048 454c4c20 414d4947 41204b49 IN LIGHT AMIGA KI
             4c4c494e 47205748 4f524521 0a000a0a LLING WHORE! ....
             2e0a0051 5549540a 00008000 03eb0000 ... QUIT .........
             00008000 03f40000 00000000 00007a61 .............. za
             6b617069 6f720000 capior ..
           Addendum Aug.99: There should be a prg that contains the fake parts
           off. My recommendation to avoid confusion:
           Please reload the clean files. Thank you

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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