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    Zenker Bootblock Virus:
    This virus is a new type of virus. It only uses a loaderroutine in
    the ordinary bootsectors and all the virusparts are put in the sec
    from 896-898.  The original BB will be written to the sectors 898-
    900. That means that the sectordata 896-900 will be destroyed 100%
    and cannot be fixed. What  happens, if the headerblocks and  other
    structures  are in  this sectors ?. You can forget  this files. VW
    offers you the possibility to rewrite the BB from 898 to sector 0.
    In some cases this might work(for games with bootloaders ect.) but
    in the most cases your disc is damaged and not useable anymore.

    It can happen that the RDB  block from your harddisc becomes over-
    written.  In this case it  is too late.  You can  only restore the
    backup of your  RDB sectors (you  surely have one!)  and hope that
    the information on sector 896-900 were not too important.

    The virus uses some  memory  without allocating it.It uses  $7f500
    without allocating this memory space.

                                           Detection tested on 23.3.93
                                           Block-0 tested on   23.3.93

    The  Virus tries  to  look like a normal bootblockloader  with the
    string        "COMMODORE Bootblockloader ....)....

    Comment 28.11.1993:  It  appeared a Zenker Clone called INGO. Only
    the visible texts were changed.
    In the bootblock you can read now:
                    "Bootloader by Ingo(16 Feb.1993)
                    .....FUCKFUCKFUCK               "

    In the block 897 you can read:

                    "Now I am the 29 Generation"

    In Block 989 you can read at 0-11 "== INGO!! ==".

                                         Detection tested on 28.11.93
                                         Block-0 tested on   28.11.93

    Test by Markus Schmall

    Ascii of Zenker virus:

    Ascii of Zenker Ingo virus:


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