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 Hi All....

 Well, now we finaly found the  archive that installs the "ZIB" link-virus.
 It s the command 'spatch' that will install this link-virus. I don't think
 that this  version  of 'spatch' came  from GP Soft, some one have replaced
 the orginal 'spatch' with  the installer version. So there for,  take care
 when ever  you meet the 'spatch'  in an archive, and if  the size is 16716
 bytes, don't use it.

 Here is some info about this archive:

 Archive name...: opus566p.lzx
 Archive size...: 138502 bytes (LZX packed)
 Infector name..: spatch
 Infector size..: 16716 bytes (not packed)
 Archive info...: Directory Opus 5 Magellan version 5.66 to 5.661
                  Upgrade Patch. (fake archive)

 At ths time, no viruskiller will find this infector. But some of the anti-
 virus programs, will find and remove this 'ZIP' virus:

 VT v3.01 - By Heiner Schneegold
 FastVirusKiller v1.12 - By Dave Jines
 AntiBeol v1.34a - By Gideon Zenz
 Killanother1 v1.0 - By Harry Sintonen.

 Thanx to Jakob Anderson for sending us this archive.

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