Name         : Zombi I-Virus

     Type/Size    : Bootblock/1024 bytes

     Incidence    : No Incidence

     Discovered   : 03-09-91

     Way to infect: Booting from an infected disk

     Rating       : Less Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2/1.3

     Damage       : Damages HD-Disks (Bl. 880), Relabels the Disks. 

     Manifestation: An Alert will be shown

     Removal      : Install Disk.

     Comments     : Does NOT..use the trackdisk.device that means possible
                    harddisk  infection too.  When the counter reaches 15:

                    - Rewrites RootBlock and BitMapblock.
                    - Names the disk: ZOMBI I

                    BitMapblock always at $371, files that begin at block
                    $371 can be destroyed. All in RootBlock are zero.

                    After  an  infection you wil get the following alert:

                         >>>>>   Hello Amiga User !!!  <<<<<
                                HERE IS ZOMBI I
                        If you want to clean your Disks
                          use Zombi I without risks!

     SHI - PAT 08.93

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