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Amiga New's

31 May 2016
We are stil here, if you need any help.
Just not a lot happening right now.

26 June 2010
We have updated our Amiga Virus Encyclopedia.
Added more than 50 text files of viruses.

20 June 2010
Made a lot of changes to the site. Added more than 50 screenshots of viruses.
And a lot more that I cant even remember, so surf around.

13 June 2010
We have desided to remove everything from our website that does not concern Amiga antivirus and viruses.

24 May 2010
Added some old Amiga icon's to the website. We are making a lot of screenshots of Amiga viruses, we will put them here later.

4 May 2010
We are finally gonna update our website. There is no new antivirus programs, but we make a new look to the website.

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